Do you have a product or service you want the world to know about you have come to the right place. I will play your ads on two top hits radio station we have more than 400.000 + monthly listeners from 196 different countries. your ads will be played bass on the amount of days you order for our radio station can be heard online or download our mobile app or listen via tune in, and simple radio and more 

What you will get for this Gigs?

You can get up to one month of spot to a large audience 

 A total of 10 spots per day you get 280 sport for a month for Basic package 

A total of 12 spots per day you get 336 sport for month + your banner post on site home page for Standard

A total of 15 spots per day you get 600 sport for a month + banner ads post on 5  page for one month for Premium

You must have a recorded audio file already that is in mp3 or wave format.

The ads can be 60 sec or 30 sec and MP3 submissions must be fully produced high quality sound, commercial.  BIG PROMOTION take advantage of this great dell 

please contact us if you want more than one month of commercial