Are you looking for your voice to be heard to millions of listeners live on 5 radio station you have get into the right place. I will conduct a live call interview with you on Unity Fm where we will have the show live on 5 radio station at once our radio stations have an average of  400,000 + monthly listeners from 194 country. We will interview you on any thing that’s maters to you. for example you have a novel a book a new product or a bran  you want to take about or you a artiest a musician.

what will you get for the interviews 

  We will conduct a short  20 to 25 min. interview with a minimum of 8 questions per interview based on the company/brand. or any artiest

 We will do a shout promo ads one week before we have the interview to let our listeners know all about you guaranteed.

Your interview will post on our radio station site and remain there where our listeners can always listen after

 We will post your bio or article on our site article page where it will remain there 

 We will also promote the interview on our social media outlets for that week.

have any questions about our Gig feel free to talk with us

 Thank you for reading our ads